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Dictionary of abbreviations. 2012.

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  • Paul Appermont — (born in Bilzen in 1946) is a Belgian businessman. Together with Joos Horsten, he laid the foundation of Xi an Janssen Pharmaceutical [ [http://themedicalcentera.blogspot.com/2007 08 01 archive.html The Medical Center: August 2007 ] ] . Appermont …   Wikipedia

  • JediMUD — is a Multi User Dungeon (MUD), or text based roleplaying game, with users from all over the world. There are many MUDs on the Internet now, but JediMUD is one of the longest running [citation title = The Virtual Community first = Howard | last =… …   Wikipedia

  • Soundex — Algorithmus Soundex ist ein phonetischer Algorithmus zur Indizierung von Wörtern und Phrasen nach ihrem Klang in der englischen Sprache. Gleichklingende Wörter sollen dabei zu einer identischen Zeichenfolge kodiert werden. Der Soundex Algorithmus …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Meitei Mayek alphabet — Meetei Mayek Type abugida …   Wikipedia

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